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Not all who wander are lost

What you are never changes; Who you are is always changing

4 April
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Forty-something wild at heart Jersey Girl (for you Tom Waits fans), although I have not lived in New Jersey for twenty plus years, I still consider NJ/NY my home. So where have I been, you might ask ... well, my husband taught for a number of years and we lived the "gypsy scholar" existence; I've lived in some places no one even knew existed (or would even care to know about!) but I have finally landed in eastern Virginia ... not very far from the ocean and only about 45 minutes from The Outer Banks.

Warning ... I'm talkative and sometimes too much for my own good. Not really opionated, but will issue a warning to those who wander in -- I'm a Democrat; so don't say I didn't tell you in advance. Enough said.

I love old movies, old music, old men and old cars (in no particular order!). And ... oh yes, books, books, and more books. Speaking of music (old or new), my taste is eclectic and I can listen to just about anything. But sorry, no rap/hip hop or country -- the only exception to the last is Patsy Cline. The Cline was cool. I'm a pretty decent amateur photographer and I also enjoy sailing, hiking and traveling.

Did I mention I have had a multi-decade crush on British actor John Castle? No? well, I do. Don't be alarmed though, all the weird fantasies stay in my head ... right where they belong! While on the subject of actors I admire, I'll add Sean Bean, Jeremy Northam and Jason Isaacs to the list ... along with perennial favourites Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Gregory Peck. Oh yes, Sean Connery ... the ONLY 007. I also think John Cusack has a certain charm and appeal! On the ladies side, I think Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Fionnula Flannagan are exceptional actresses; I adored Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn, and still think Sophia Loren is the most gorgeous woman alive.

I love to cook ... and am especially good at baking. Need a cake? call me! I believe chocolate IS a food group, only the French make good champagne, and oh yeah, my thoughts about feminism? Let me boil it down, I love men -- straight or gay and I'm no "male-basher" -- I've never thought I wasn't equal to any man I've met. I'm part Italian and part British ... with a smattering of Welsh blood which officially gives me a right to claim Celtic heritage.

I treasure my friends and am fiercely loyal. Lastly, I'm a good mom ... just ask my 17 year old son. oh, and my husband worships the quicksand I walk on ... (sorry, that was an obvious rip-off but it's appropos.).

So if you can still stomach me despite all of the above ... then by all means, come on in.